Construction & Residential Builder's Risk

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Basic Coverages

  • Residential Builders’ Risk covers your property and property that you are responsible for, including materials that are supplied by the owner or that will be permanently installed in the dwelling.
  • Residential Builders’ Risk provides coverage for building materials, scaffolding and construction forms while stored on the job site.
  • Residential Builders’ Risk provides a specific limit for materials stored temporarily at an off site location. Higher limits may be purchased.
  • Residential Builders’ Risk also covers property in transit, removal expenses, fire department service charges and outdoor trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Residential Builders’ Risk policy automatically includes profit, with an option to exclude if desired.

Optional Coverages

  • Trade-In Homes
  • Homes in Inventory
  • Model Homes and Contents
  • Construction Trailers
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Change Order Coverage
  • Change Order Coverage
  • Permission to Occupy
  • Permission to Occupy
  • Inflation Protection
  • Extra Expense
  • Plans and Records
  • Flood at eligible locations
  • Earthquake at eligible locations
  • Renovations Builders’ Risk

Policy Options

  • Monthly Reporting: Per Start or Completed Value
  • Specific Locations (One Shots): Up to Three Locations
  • Annual auditable policy based on gross receipts or total completed value
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