Aviation Insurance

Protection of an insured against losses arising out of the manufacture, use or operation of aircraft. The insured is likely to be an airport, aircraft manufacturer, airline, pilot, flight instructor, fixed base operator, or transportation company that uses aircraft. Coverages may include liability for bodily injury, property damage or medical payments, and various types of first-party property loss, including hull coverage.

Insurance Definitions

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  • Air cargo insurance
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Aircraft Hull and Liability
  • Aircraft product liability insurance
  • Aircraft spare parts insurance
  • Airport owners’ and operators’ liability insurance
  • Air travel insurance
  • All risks–ground and flight
  • Antique Aircraft Insurance
  • Aviation passenger liability insurance
  • Crop dusting and spraying insurance
  • FAA special waiver endorsement
  • Fixed base liability coverage
  • Hangarkeepers’ liability insurance
  • Hull coverage

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