Credit Insurance / Risk Man.

Credit insurance

Also called accounts receivable insurance in Britain, provides your business with protection against the failure of your customer to pay its trade debts. This can arise because your customer becomes insolvent or because your customer fails to pay within the set timeframe. These risks are usually described as commercial risks.

Any business selling on open account terms to other businesses can benefit from credit insurance.  Customers range in size from small businesses to large, multi-national companies.  Firms in most sectors of the economy including business services as well as those trading in goods use credit insurance.

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Insurance Sources & Resources

(General – Not necessarily accessible by TCIM)

  • The Guarantee – The Guarantee is a Canadian owned property and casualty insurance company which has been serving the insurance needs of Canadians for over 130 years.
  • Trade Risk Group
  • Trans Union
  • Veri-Cheque Ltd – A leading Canadian financial protection company providing accounts receivable and cheque guarantees for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers selling to the Canadian marketplace.

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