Crime / Fidelity Insurance / Money Laundering

Crime Insurance

There are various types of coverage that are available some of which might be appropriate for a particular client, depending on the exposures involved:

  1. Commercial blanket bond
  2. Blanket Position
  3. Broad form inside
  4. Broad form outside
  5. Money orders and counterfeit paper currency
  6. Depositors forgery (Outgoing instruments) Including Employees
  7. Commercial forgery (Incoming instruments)
  8. Mercantile stock burglary
  1. Extortion coverage
  2. Computer theft
  3. Paymaster robbery including interest of employees
  4. Warehouse receipts forgery
  5. Credit card forgery
  6. Telephone fraud
  7. Financial Institutions bond forms for banks, stockbrokers, insurance companies and others

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Insurance Definitions

For definitions of various forms of insurance refer to Insurance Marketplace

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Insurance Sources

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Other Resources
  • Kessler International – Offer a full range of Forensic Accounting and Investigation Consulting services to protect companies against the dangers of fraud, counterfeiting, product diversion, trademark and copyright infringement, money laundering and the recent explosion in computer crime.
  • Public Safety Canada – Crime Prevention.

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Money Laundering

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