Intellectual Property

Insurance Definitions

Intellectual property A form of intangible property consisting of documented, written or recorded knowledge, ideas, discoveries, product names, and problem-solving techniques. Ownership isusually established by a copyright, patent, or trademark. For definitions of various forms of insurance refer to Insurance Marketplace

  • Intellectual property insurance
  • Patent enforcement litigation insurance
  • Patent infringement liability insurance
  • Copyright Infringement

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Insurance Sources

(General – Not necessarily accessible byTCIM)

  • CFC Underwriting
  • Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation – Abatement(Enforcement) Coverage – Available for intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights). The policies covers litigation expenses incurred in enforcing the insured intellectual property (IP) against infringers up to the policy limit. Infringement Defense Cost Reimbursement Coverage – Reimburses you for your legal expenses when you must defend yourself against intellectual property (IP) infringement lawsuits.

Other Resources
  • Keuster Law – Intellectual property law.
  • Lehman, Lee & Xu

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