Jewelers & Furriers Block


Jewelers block insurance
Inland marine insurance tailored to the needs of wholesale and retail jewelers. Coverage is written on an open perils basis for the insured’s entire stock of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, jewels; jewelry, watches and watch movements; gold, silver, platinum, other precious metals, alloys; and the other stock common to the business of a jeweler, including items held in custody for others.

Jewelers package policy
A policy that is broader than the standard jewelers block and that includes all-risk coverage on all stock, property of others, furniture and fixtures and improvements and betterments. Coverage for a building and business interruption can be included.

Furriers’ block
Insurance coverage for fur garments belonging to a dealer or the fur department of a store. Coverage is written on an all-risk basis and includes fur garments of other dealers for which the insured is liable. Exclusions include furs of others accepted by the insured for storage; furs rented, leased or sold on an installment plan after delivery; furs at any exhibition; and furs worn by the insured or the insured’s family.

Furriers’ customer insurance
An inland marine form (AAIS form IM 707) that provides all-risk coverage on furs and garments trimmed with fur. The coverage is purchased by furriers, department stores, warehouses, and cleaners that accept such items for storage or service. Coverage for a declared value is provided for the customers’ property, and customers are provided with receipts.

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