Travel insurance
can cover the following contingencies:

  • Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Default up to the insured trip cost
  • Travel Delay after 12 hours
  • Loss of Baggage and Travel Documents
  • Baggage Delay after 24 hours
  • Medical, Hospital, Emergency Dental
  • Emergency Assistance including:
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Visitor to Bedside
  • Lodging Benefit
  • Return of Dependent Children
  • Common Carrier AD&D
  • 24 – Hour AD&D
  • Rental Car Protection

Air travel insurance
A form of life insurance that may be purchased by passengers of scheduled airlines. The policy face value is paid to the named beneficiary in the event that death results from a particular flight.

Baggage coverage
Coverage on the personal effects owned by and for the personal use, adornment or amusement of the insured (or a family member of the insured) while traveling. Coverage is written on an all-risk basis and applies anywhere in the world.

Business travel accident insurance
A form of travel accident insurance that covers accidents that occur while away from home for business purposes. Coverage usually includes all accidents occurring while on a business trip, not just those occurring while in transit.

Charter fare protection insurance / trip cancellation
A special form of accident and health insurance that reimburses an insured individual for the cost of a tour if the insured is unable to participate due to a covered accident or sickness. Coverage extends if the insured is unable to make a return flight on a scheduled date because of illness. In this case, the insured is reimbursed for the specific cost of a later return flight.

Railroad travel policy
A travel accident policy for a specific train trip sold in railroad stations through ticket agents or vending machines.

Tour operators’ errors and omissions insurance
Insurance for organizations that organize and market travel tours by contracting with motor coach operators, airlines, cruise ship lines, hotels and restaurants. Coverage is provided on a claims-made basis for losses arising from negligence, errors, omissions or bankruptcy of outside tour operators.

Travel agents’ liability insurance
Coverage for travel agents against claims arising out of negligent acts, errors and omissions committed by the insured, or persons for whose acts the insured is legally liable. Coverage usually includes employees, tour guides and tour directors under contract. Coverage applies worldwide for accidents or occurrences such as canceled hotel or tour reservations, lost luggage and misleading travel brochures.

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